Wednesday, April 16, 2014


When I think of the word marriage, I always go back to the Mawwiage scene from The Princess Bride. It's tough not to do that; it's one of the best scenes of the movie. But all humor aside, marriage is hard work. Anyone who's married can tell you that, and I'm certain (although I haven't looked) that there would be a bazillion quotes on the internet saying as much. But as someone who has been married 14.5 years (mere minutes to some long-lasting marriages and eons to brief marriages), I can attest that marriage requires work. A lot of work. On the part of both spouses.

But this morning (when I was running, of course), I thought about why some marriages work and others don't. I'm no therapist, so I can't really tell you why some marriages fail while others succeed, but when I think about my own marriage, part of the reason it thrives is because of the support system I have. It's not just Tim, it's everyone that surrounds us. My parents. His parents. My sisters, friends, and families. His sisters, friends, and families. That network of people believes that we can make it. They believe in us. Which helps me believe in us.

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