Monday, May 25, 2015

Bad Potty Habits

WARNING: I use some not-so-savory language in this post.

I woke up this morning to find one little puddle of urine behind the chair in the girls' room, one medium-sized puddle of urine on Aaron's comforter, and one very large puddle of urine in the basement. Now, I know that none of the people in this house urinated in a place that wasn't the toilet, and I know that Shadow did not have the problem (he doesn't climb stairs). But as for the other four mammals...I'm not completely certain of which animal might be pissing all over the place. (Excuse my slang. I don't usually use that word, but somehow, it feels right. Probably because their pissing causes me to get pissed off.)

I've seen Arnold urinate outside the litter box, but the puddle in the basement was so large, I can't possibly imagine his bladder could hold that much urine. At least not in one sitting. (Plus,  I added another litter box, in the event that he didn't like the other boxes at his disposal.) Same goes for Benedict--his bladder can't hold much. Which means Heathcliff and Lucy are the only questionable animals left. Heathcliff seems happy. So does Lucy. But Lucy is certainly advancing in age. Perhaps he has a kidney issue or is diabetic.

So who's the pisser? I have no idea. And I'm so busy these days, I won't really have time to sit around and track the potty habits of our domestic cats (insert Ze Frank's voice here). So I'm hoping that the new litter boxes in the basement (we now have five) will help our cause until I can get the vet to check these little mammals out.

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