Thursday, May 28, 2015


Have you ever seen a wordle? It's a group of related words that form what's called a word cloud. That word cloud can be used to convey a message. Right now, my mind is experiencing an overload, and if I could take a picture of what's inhabiting my brain, the thoughts inside would form a wordle. No kidding. But since I don't have time to make my own wordle (and my computer needs another plugin to make it so), I thought I'd see what's out there in terms of good wordles that describe my week.

I found a not-so-positive example when I Googled aging wordles:

And then, because I didn't want to focus on the negative, I searched for happy wordles and found this:

In order to get to the happy wordle place in my brain, however, I will need to do this:

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