Saturday, May 2, 2015

Strange Thing

Early Saturday morning. Melina and I are the only people awake (of course). Except for the kitties, who are running around the living room.

Melina watches them with a gleeful look on her face. I'm watching her, with what feels like the same expression on my own face.
Melina: Huh, huh. What is that strange thing on the window?
Me: What honey? What are you talking about?
Melina: Oh, I was talking from the point of view of Benedict. See that strange thing on the window? It's the reflection of your computer.
Me: Oh, okay.
Budding writer as well as budding actress? I guess we'll have to see. There are worse occupations she could aspire to than screenplay writer or actress, right?

P.S. I just keyed in a title, but the writing child decided that I needed to change that title, hence the current Strange Thing.

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