Sunday, May 3, 2015

Guest Post by FRN

FRN isn't really here today. She was last weekend, though, so I should have had her write a little something then. But I didn't. However, she posted something to my Facebook wall today that bears repeating. And since it's Sunday and I have editing to do, her helpful little post will make my Sunday post easy. Hence, it's a guest post by FRN.

I didn't realize it until FRN posted this quote today that I'm doing an all right job at living my life this way. We sometimes eat pizza on my wedding China plates and I let Melina wear my fancy dresses to the grocery store. The yummy chocolate I'm given as a gift? We might as well eat it now. I'm grateful and happy each day I wake up because yes, each day is a special occasion. There are worse ways to live a life, that's for sure.


T said...

Yay me!!!! I missed this one! Yay you. But more about me! Lol I lI've us.

T said...