Sunday, May 10, 2015

Mother's Day

I didn't get to sleep in. Or have breakfast in bed. I didn't have anyone come up to me and hand me a gift (I'd gotten two homemade gifts the day before). In fact, today started like every other day.

Melina woke me up, I made coffee, I ate toasted oats with milk. Once the older children were awake, I took all four of them with me to the grocery store. Tim slept in.

Later, I threw some food together and vacuumed the floors before our friends arrived for a late lunch. We had a casual afternoon, in an air-conditioned home. I finished up my Dairy Queen treat from yesterday and by evening, gave Melina a bath. I worked on a critique that's hanging over my head, and I'm heading up now, for a hot shower.

An ordinary day. An extraordinary day. A mother's day.

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