Friday, May 22, 2015

Reasons 121-130

It's been a long time (March 6, 2014 actually) since I posted any reasons to be happy. And after this long week with my dad's health issues, I could stand to concentrate on why I should be happy rather than why I should be not-so-happy. Even though I posted previous reasons in increments of ten, #121 was given that day in 2014, so I'll start again there.

121. Open doors.
122. Family, no matter who much aggravation they can cause.
123. The scamper of kitten feet across wood floors.
124. The feeling you get when you know you're doing something amazing.
125. Elementary teacher hugs.
126. The memories that are evoked when you stare at photographs you've taken long ago.
127. Mo Willems and his delightful pigeon.
128. Fleece bathrobes.
129. Texting. (Yes, I just wrote that. It saved me this week.)
130. The feeling you get on the first day of summer vacation that you have an entire adventure in front of you.


T said...

No joke on 129

Anonymous said...

I love this idea... our minds always seem to dwell on the negative. What a great way to remind yourself of the positive :)