Tuesday, August 25, 2015


Today begins the crazy life. (What? You thought my life already was crazy, right? I mean at the top of this blog it claims that every day is crazy in this household. And it is, it really is. But today, we've got more on Momma's plate than ever before...)

Class starts at 8 a.m., so I'm out the door by 7:15 at the latest. Tomorrow I sub. Thursday I'm back in my own classroom. Friday I sub again. Add in soccer and choir and acting class, grocery shopping, laundry, running, cleaning, sleeping, weeding (ha!), and drinking (yes, you bet I will), and you can see how crazy it might be. In fact, it might sound very similar to your life in your own house.

Will I find time to write? I can't be sure.

But I refuse to give up my goal of blogging almost every day. (Considering we're 237 days into 2015 and I have blogged 232 of those, it would be a true shame to give that goal up now, don't you think?) However, I can't guarantee how post-worthy the writing will be.

Just a forewarning, folks. Just a warning.


T said...

This exhausted me reading this.

Anonymous said...

You know, to add both efficiency and fun, you could turn weeding into a drinking game and check them both off the list at the same time ;)

Christina said...

My kind of lady, Bethany!!

Sandra D said...

I hear your crazy, Chris! I like the drinking game idea!