Friday, September 4, 2015

Random Thoughts

With my schedule so busy right now, I've had very little time to do any writing. But I have still have plenty of time to think (thank goodness). So I'm writing my thoughts down. Some are based on fact, others simply fiction. But perhaps, someday, something will come of them:

She drifted out of my life casually, slowly, like the tide sneaks out; unlike the tide, she won't be back.

The scuffle on the other end of the line made me wonder what is really happening over at their house and whether or not they really can sweep all of the dirt under the carpet.

I never made it to her funeral, and but she never quite made it to my life.

Fear is a very funny companion.

She always wondered if her superpower was connected to the length of her hair, but she didn't have time to test out her theory. Now, thanks to the Nair Incident, she'll finally discover the truth.

I thought I'd seen it all by way of someone asking for help. But then, the postings went up. Not only did she have a GoFundMe site for a new pontoon boat, but she also had one for her upcoming labor and delivery. The real kicker? If her insurance company foots the bill for the delivery, all donations will be used to buy items off her baby registry. Maybe the pontoon boat is actually a part of the registry.

I scooped out the chunks of chicken and rice from the bottom of the dog food can and threw it into the dog's bowl, noticing that for the third time that week, the dog was eating better than any of us.

She doesn't pretend to know exactly what he's going through, but if he would simply let her in, just once, she's confident she could help him. 


Anonymous said...

Wow, that's some good stuff! Really like that third one "I never made it to her funeral, and but she never quite made it to my life." And I have a friend who could write the perfect ridiculous story about what it would be like to travel around the country with fear as a companion.

Christina said...

Thanks. I need to do some free writing with these. Today might be an excellent day to do so. (BTW, I just read a blog post about a person who really does celebrate her birthday all month long. So next year, go for it!)

Unknown said...

Gotta say, that last one hits home. Not for me but for some children I know. That's all great stuff, Chris! I hope you find the time to sit and write soon. 😌