Tuesday, November 22, 2016

(2016 NaNoWriMo) Captain's Log, Day 21

How did my day go?

Yesterday is a perfect example of why I hauled some butt early on in the month and got my words done. Because once the kids are home, and I'm still teaching, my time to write dwindles to just about nothing. So once again, I had a productive day, but not by way of writing (only about 360 words--maybe a little more but I inadvertently sent the wrong copy of my novel to myself after I worked on it at school, so I can't tell you how exactly many words I added).

I also recognized that once NaNoWriMo is officially over, I will likely go back to taking a blogging hiatus. I need to reevaluate my writing goals for 2017, and I'll need some time to think.

In the meantime, I'm also thinking about Christmas, and what I want, which only comes down to this: another dog.

Here's a few pictures of some cuties that I'm eyeing:

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