Wednesday, November 23, 2016

(2016 NaNoWriMo) Captain's Log, Day 22

How did my day go?

I had a good day, part of which I spent with the kids. Again. And that's because they are home. Which is a good thing, because that means I get to sleep in. Yes, I actually have slept in, past 5 a.m., each of the last few days. Plus, we've had some sun out here in many-times-it's-dreary-Ohio, which is about all I can ask for. (I guess I could ask for more writing time, but hey, we can't have everything.) So right now, as of this minute, I feel as though I'm walking on sunshine. Therefore, so shall you:

And just in case you were wondering, I managed to add 1046 words to my story. It's still craptastic, but hey, it has a few more words to round it out.

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