Monday, November 28, 2016

(2016 NaNoWriMo) Captain's Log, Day 27

How did my day go?

I'll tell you. These updates are getting to me, partially because I think my computer is on its last leg, and I'm too cheap to buy myself another one. I know, I know. That thinking is really idiotic, because I use this computer ALL THE TIME and much of what I need to do in my daily routine (update grades, edit a profile) involves my computer. So I either need to get on the "buy a new computer" bandwagon, or I need to park myself elsewhere for much of the day. Which would mean getting a full-time job, and I'd have no time for any of the editing and writing I wanted to do if I do go get the full-time job. (Who would hire me, anyway? That's the subject for another post, my dears.)

Sounds like a complaint, eh? It's not. I'm just stating a fact. Even with the computer issues, I managed 2003 words yesterday and I might be calling myself done. Do I really "need" to write 30 days in a row just to add a few hundred more words to my draft? I'm not sure. I'll let you know in tomorrow's update.

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