Wednesday, January 11, 2017

These Things I Know, IV

Classes started this past Monday, and as usual, I explained to the students that having a Ph.D. doesn't mean I know everything. "I have been trained as a research scientist. I can form a question. I know how to find an answer to that question. And, I know how to get help when I cannot find an answer. No one knows everything, no matter what the person might claim or how many letters they have behind their name."

Some of the students nodded, and a few sent appreciative glances my way, as if they were relieved to know that I didn't think I was infallible. I've always said I don't know everything, but even when I think I don't know much, I can surprise myself by what I do know.

I know that tension among friends can bring down relationships and that honesty, while possibly causing some hurt feelings, is the best policy.

Writing a blog a day for 365 days is going to be a weary task and yet, I know that it will energize my creative process as well.

People who claim to be living "authentic" lives rarely do. We all know who is "authentic" and who is not. These truly "authentic" people do not tell us they are authentic; they show us.

Facebook has become the bane of my existence, and I will, from here on out, use it solely for writing purposes: to promote my creative work or the creative work of others.

It's difficult to be a K-12 teacher these days. Besides teaching, you must serve in so many other capacities. However, I know that not all teachers belong where they are and have to ask the question: why did you go into teaching anyway?

I am blessed with a fantastic family. In fact, fantastic doesn't come close to adequately describing what I feel for my sisters, my husband, and my children.