Thursday, November 3, 2011

Meal Train Etiquette

A friend of mine gave birth to her 6th baby a couple of weeks ago. A mutual friend set up a meal train via the meal train website. If you've never been a part of a meal train, the idea is for people to sign up for a day to bring the recipient family dinner. The recipient family, who is presumably in the throes of laundry and lunacy, doesn't have to cook, and the other people feel like they are helping. It is a win-win situation.

I signed up last week to bring a meal tomorrow. The great thing about the website is that you can enter what meal you have decided to bring. I looked at what meals were already scheduled, and then signed up. I must say that I chose my meal according to the other ones already there. Several people had signed up to bring chicken, and there were very few that indicated that pasta of some sort would make a debut. Thus, I chose pasta, meatballs, salad, and dessert.

I received a reminder email from the website today, stating that my day to bring a meal is tomorrow. I went over to the website, just to check on things. To my horror, someone is scheduled to bring a meal today. What are they bringing? Pasta and ground beef, of course! Now, I am not trying to be rude, but if you can see what people are bringing, don't you think you should check to see what the person right on the other side of you has already signed up for? I do.

I feel like I know this family well enough, so I emailed this morning to see what they actually might like. The mom admitted that they actually have had a ton of pasta, and while they are grateful for what people are doing, if I am willing to change, that would be great. So we have changed the plan to black beans and rice. I hope I can find a nifty salsa, and we'll still bring salad. Perhaps some chips to go with that nifty salsa, and a lovely dessert to round out the whole meal. The kids are home tomorrow, so they can help with the whole affair. And while we are cooking, I plan on bringing up a lesson on etiquette.

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