Wednesday, April 29, 2015

And Then There Were Four

Last Friday, Melina was home sick and we took a quick trip to the pet store to get cat food. As we walked in, Melina noticed that the Humane Society had placed two new kitties in the crate, hoping that some sucker would come along and adopt them. I leaned in and took a peek. The two tiger kitties, named Benedict and Arnold, were sleeping peacefully on their bed, until they sensed Melina. And then, they ran around the crate in all their fluffy cuteness.

"Can we get them, Mom?" Melina asked.

"They sure are cute," I replied. "But we'd have four cats. That's a lot of cats."

We left the store without applying for the kitties.

Melina can be stubborn, though, and once she has something in her head, she likes to think that maybe things will go her way.

"Guys!" she yelled to the kids as they walked in the door after school. "You should see these kitties! Benedict and Arnold. At the pet store. They are so cute!"

Of course, Melina's thoughts warranted a trip to the pet store to see the cats. Thankfully, Aunt Tara took the girls to see them. Had I looked at them again, I'd have caved.

As I was putting Melina to bed, the phone rang.

"Want me to put in an application for you?" Tara said.

"No! I haven't talked to Tim  about new cats," I replied.

"No matter. I'll bring the application home." Tara can also be stubborn.

The application sat on our table overnight, as I slept on the possibility of adopting two new kitties. I woke up in the morning thinking that if I can handle four kids, why not four cats? Why not, indeed?!? Tim wasn't thrilled with the idea of more animals, so I told the kids that if we actually wanted more cats, they'd have to discuss it with Dad. All people had to be on board for new arrivals.

I won't bore you with the details. WE HAVE TWO NEW KITTIES! Arnold is on the left, Benedict the right.

I'm  guessing that Tim will probably be the one going to the pet store from now on.

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I love the names!!!