Wednesday, April 15, 2015


I always talk about how the little things matter, right? Be grateful for the little things. Like the rays of sunshine that peek from behind the clouds to make a dreary day a little better. The quick hugs I receive from my children before they walk out the door for school. A phone call from a friend.

Sometimes, the little things that make our day can be unexpected things, too. Like finding the time to clean all three of your toilets. Or realizing that the bill you owe isn't due for another week. Or making it to the side of the road because you are coughing so hard you need to vomit. Yes, not only did I successfully pull the car over and work through my coughing fit (Melina was in the car. The last thing I needed was to endanger her.), but I managed, even with all that coughing and near vomiting, to not urinate my pants. Because that could have happened, you know.

Celebrating the little things today!

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