Thursday, April 16, 2015

Gut Instincts

You know those feelings they call gut instincts? I know you do. And everyone says you should follow them; they will mostly steer you in the right direction.

I follow them all the time with respect to my kids. But when it comes to me, I tend to push them aside at times. Like early in the week, or maybe over the weekend, when I had Tim listen to me breathe. "I think I might need to see the doctor," I said. And then I did nothing about making an appointment.

Color me not-surprised when the medical professional told me this morning that she heard consolidation in my lungs and that I more likely than not had pneumonia. I told one of my students yesterday I thought I might have it. And when I told Tim that I might need to see a doctor, I kicked around the idea of pneumonia in my head.

Those guts instincts. Listen to them!


Unknown said...

OH NO! I hope you feel better soon!

Christina said...

Thanks, Barbara! Actually, I'm more than 24 hours into the antibiotic, and I can feel a change for the better. Thank goodness!!