Friday, April 24, 2015

Special Infinitives

I once said that Friday posts seem to find me. I had no plans to write today, but then, I opened up my fortune cookie--something I don't usually have around the house, but Tim brought me some take-out home yesterday. I even toyed with not eating the cookie. Maybe one of the kids would like it? Maybe I should wait and share? But I decided that trying to split a fortune cookie into five pieces (I'd like some after all) would be too much.

So I opened the cookie.

And found a fortune that was worthless. What did you expect?

But I turned the paper over, and just like in those bad sitcoms that I feel I'm trapped in sometimes, the paper read: Learn Chinese--to cough.

Ha! Such an appropriate term, don't you think?

I've recuperated from my "probable" pneumonia, Tim's lingering cough is finally almost gone, Zoe and Talia and Aaron are on the mend (I think) from whatever plagued their respiratory systems, and Melina? Well she's home today, again, while we wait to see if she tests positive for pertussis. (I don't think she will test positive but...) As you can imagine, the infinitive to cough holds special meaning for us around here.

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Unknown said...

So did she test positive ?