Tuesday, April 14, 2015

Strange Requests

Melina is home sick for the second day in a row. I probably could have sent her to school, but she hasn't been fever-free for the required 24 hours, and since I don't teach today, I thought it was best to have her stay home one more day.

I told her I had a few things I needed to do and that she could read and play if she felt fine enough. That playing lasted about ten minutes. She just snuck up on me.

"I want to do something over there," she said, and pointed to the family room. That room has the couch and computer and television in it. I figured that she no longer wanted to deal with books or playing.

"Okay. We can go in there. What do you want to do?" I braced myself for her answer. It was too early for electronics. We needed to get through more of the day before I caved into those demands for television or computer.

"Maaaaaath. I want to do math."

Well okay then. We're going to go do some math. Happy Tuesday!

**Update: Melina wanted to show everyone what we accomplished today. Here's the picture:

I wrote out that last problem (851-62) for her, but she told me how to actually go about doing the work. I've never liked the new concepts these kids get at school (what can I say...I'm stuck in my ways), but writing out this process seems like a fine thing to do. Melina wanted more difficult questions than I anticipated AND she could show me how to do them. Not bad for first grade.

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