Sunday, April 12, 2015

Scenes from a Germ-Laden Home: 2

Another gorgeous day. In fact, the entire weekend has been full of sun and warmth. I can feel the hope that comes with sunny skies.

Melina: Mom, my eyes are watering. I don't know why my eyes are watering.

Me: Oh no.

Melina: And my throat is sore. It hurts to swallow sometimes.

Me: Not another cold, is it?

Melina: Maybe...can I watch TV?

Me: Yeah. [Turning to Melina.] Will we ever be rid of these germs?


Talia: Mom, my head really hurts. Can I have some Ibuprofen?

Me: Sure. It's in the bathroom.

Talia: No, we need more.

Me: What the heck? I just bought some.

Tim: We need some adult Ibuprofen, too.

Talia: And you said, "Heck."

Me: No, I just bought that! And I know I said that word.

Tim: We'll it's all gone.

Me: Are you kidding me? That's the fastest we've gone through Ibuprofen, ever!

I shake my head, walk away, and add Ibuprofen to the grocery list. Will we ever be rid of these germs?


Dad: How is Melina's ear?

Me: Great. She can hear. The hearing aid seems to work.

Dad: And how is everyone feeling? You sound like you have a cold.

Me: These germs won't quit! I still have a cough, my head still hurts, and the kids have at least one complaint each.

Dad: Will you ever be rid of these germs?

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