Tuesday, January 21, 2014

Asking the Right Question

He's always very careful to only answer the question asked.
Me: Who ate all the Trader Joe cookies?
Him: I didn't.
Me: But look, they're mostly gone.
Him: I ate a lot, but I didn't eat them all.
Me: I guess you're right.
Another example:
Me: Who used up all the toilet paper?
Him: What are you talking about? There's some still on the roll.
Me: Yeah, one square. What's that going to wipe?
Him: But it's not all gone.
Me: So true.
I think you get the idea, but I'll go ahead anyway.
Me: Why is the salsa jar back in the fridge?
Him: Because it's not empty.
Me: But that's not enough to do anything with. It should get rinsed and recycled.
Him: I can do something with that amount.
Me: I'm starting to see a pattern here.
That Tim, he's a wily one.


Kelsey said...

Ha! How offended will Tim be that I thought you were talking about Aaron?

T said...

Omg. Me too.

Christina said...

So funny! Almost always Tim. Although after I wrote this, Tim explained that Eben ate the cookies. (I had thought it odd that Tim would eat cookies. He's more of a potato chip fiend.) Of course, I'm sure Aaron is well on his way to following in these footsteps!