Sunday, January 12, 2014

True Facts About Me

You'll have to imagine Ze Frank's voice here, and to be honest, I can't write up a script as well as he can. Mostly because I don't have the time. Well, I do, but if I took the time to write a cool script, then I wouldn't get any other writing done, or anything else for that matter (like my preparation for Religious Ed, which I am supposed to be doing right now). Here are some true facts about me; things you may, or may not have, known.

  1. I gave up picking my fingers back in college. I had to, considering I would sport bleeding gashes on all of my digits for most of the year. Unfortunately, my skin is so dry in the winter that I've latched back onto that horrible habit for several months of the year. If you see my thumbs covered in band aids, at least you now know why.
  2. I knew a certain person who loved Harlequin romances and kept them in a box. A box that I knew about. So somewhere between 7th and 8th grade, I exposed myself (ha, ha) to the tales written by Penny Jordan and other authors like her. Formulaic but relatively clean, I still gravitate toward a decent love story.
  3. Speaking of books, I have read several of V.C. Andrews' series (The Dollanganger series, The Adare Novel, and The Casteel series) many times since first discovering them in high school. And by many, I mean that I probably can't count how many. I haven't tried any of the other books because well, the author died, and the rest were published after I was in high school. What is my fascination with the books? I have no idea. The books creep some people out, the writing may not be the best, but there you have it. Perhaps I'll read them again this summer.
  4. I have cheated on a test. I know this was wrong and I won't say when I did it. But yes, I have cheated. I've also confessed my sins to God about it, so I hope I've been forgiven. The guilt I felt from cheating far outweighed the relief I had from getting a better grade, so to the best of my knowledge, I never did it again. (We all make mistakes; please don't judge me.)
  5. I attended the University of Michigan mostly because I was young, scared and not confident, and my sister went there. I probably also went because it was a good school. But I wonder, if I had been the first to go to college, would I have chosen it? I'll never know. Unless Callum Davies-Smith comes to find me and we go traveling in his machine. (Don't know Callum and his machine? I hope you will, soon.)
  6. I have a novel that is set at the University of Michigan, but I haven't finished it yet. This novel is the one I started way back at the beginning of my journey. When I go back to work on it, I see how much progress I've made in terms of growth as a writer. When I'm done with it, I hope the sections are seamless, that I've woven the old and new writing together well. I guess we'll see.
  7. My heels are so cracked that I am embarrassed by them in the summer. But I don't think about them constantly.
  8. Also with respect to bodies, if I could have plastic surgery and know that everything would go well, I would consider it. Can you believe that? But yes, yes, I would. There are parts of me that  haven't seen the light of day in a long time, and that's for a reason. However, I've learned to be grateful for parts that work, even if I'm not entirely happy with them. We're all special, dammit!
  9. I'm actually pretty crafty, but I don't always like to be involved in crafts. Case in point: I just got done making a unicorn head out of an old box. I had to draw the head, and cut it out with a box cutter and then, mount it on another piece of cardboard. The wings are made of cardstock, and Melina has plans to ride it. Ride it!! But today, I'm tired. And I'll be honest when I say that I would rather sit and read or write than help Melina with this project. My battle between spending time with the kids and doing what I actually want to do is something I have to deal with every day. I find it hard to admit that to anyone and wonder about myself sometimes. (That's a pretty deep, dark secret there. Don't you feel honored?) 
  10. I would take a week vacation, by myself, without hesitation. I would miss my kids and my husband, and I'd be happy the moment I got back, but I would relish every moment of alone time that I'd have during that week. EVERY moment. Because when I got back, I'd start to feel guilty that I'd gone away for a week.
Any true facts you'd care to share?

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