Saturday, January 25, 2014

Too Much?

I just happened to look and see that I've written something every day of January so far. I'm surprised by that. I didn't know I had that much to say. And, I didn't know you guys would all actually read the drivel I do have to say.

But I can't keep up this pace. I have a manuscript that needs to get done by March 14 and I've got a new gig as a Profiles Co-Editor for a website (more on that later). Plus, I need to be the best mom I can, and oh, yeah, there's Tim to think of as well. Maybe he and I should spend some time together. Novel idea, don't you think? (That awful pun was so much intended.)

So I think I'll finish out each day of January, and then, I'll take a breather. Not a long one, but don't expect a post a day. Unless I have something so funny or earth shattering that I just have to share.

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