Thursday, January 16, 2014

Cold Calls

Just a minute ago, the phone rang.

"Oh," I thought to myself. "Perhaps that's Sandra calling me back." I walked to the kitchen and checked caller ID, and then, I cringed.

Not because it was Sandra. Had it been Sandra or any other of my friends, I wouldn't have made a face at the phone. Instead I would have been happy to chat while I unloaded the dishwasher or put away some groceries. But caller ID said it was the American Lung Association. AGAIN.

How many times have they called over the last several months? Let me count...oh wait, I can't. I get phone calls from them in the morning, the evening, and even on Sundays. I've actually picked up the phone and told them that while I'm happy to donate to certain charities, I usually determine those charities and contact them. Calling me up and asking for money doesn't work. (Most of the time, that is. There are certain local charities that call and I will help them. Or there are other circumstances, too, none of which are even remotely interesting. Not that this post is.)

The only thing different about today's call was that the person left a message. "Good morning," the voice said. "We're sorry to have missed you but look forward to speaking to you the next time we call."

Maybe, somewhere in the database it says that they've called our house  807 times already and that none of the calls have been answered. Maybe someone there said that they should try a softer, different approach. Maybe they thought I'd respond to a voice message instead of the usual hang-ups when they called. Maybe, they'll figure out that they are wrong.

I'm waiting. I bet you two bits I get a second call from them by this evening.

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