Wednesday, January 22, 2014


I started on a journey,
and quickly, along the way,
I became We.
And now, when I think of My dream, it's Our dream.
A dream to give birth to a set of words
so dear to our hearts;
words that we manipulate each day (if we're lucky)
in order to get every single word right.
Trying to make each description and action and image jump from the page
into your head.
Hoping to make you feel as though you are one with the set of words,
that you cannot put them down;
that after you are done,
you want to pick them up again.
And again, and again, and again.
We have a dream,
to have, in our hands,
a thick book of paper, straight off the presses;
for someone to say,
Hey, you have a good story there,
and I'd like for you to share it with the world.
Right now, we share stories with each other,
looking to strengthen the words.
In doing so, we found that we also strengthen the friendship.
So when it happens,
when one of us finds the right agent,
the right outlet for our creativity to shine,
it won't be an I did this.
it will be a We did this.
And we will.


Mama-Nana-Ruthi said...


Christina said...

Thanks, Ruthann! I meant what I said. When I talk about publishing to people now, I find myself using WE alot. Someone might ask if I write the stuff myself or have help, and even though we do write it ourselves, it wouldn't be the same without all the rest of you lovely ladies!