Thursday, January 9, 2014


Tim's car needed help. (Actually, it still does. Keep reading to find out why.) So, we took it in on Monday because the kids didn't have school and we (the kids and I) had no where to go. Therefore, Tim could take my car to work.

"We're a little backed up," the car man said. "We'll try to look at it today, but I can't promise you."

Monday night came and went. Tim secured a ride into work and back from work for Tuesday because I needed the car. Tuesday night came and went.

Wednesday arrived. Tim rode into work with our neighbor. I sat at home and emailed Tim, reminding him to call the car place. At 7 pm, Tim walked in the front door. That meant, still no car.

"Did you call the car place today?" I asked.
"Yeah, I spoke to the guy. He said that they couldn't get the car to start," he said.
"So, now it's just sitting there," I said.

They couldn't get the car to start. They didn't bother to call either of us to let us know. Here it is, Thursday, and the car hasn't even begun to get fixed. I'm grateful that we have second car, really I am. But the concept I find so confounding is that the car was (and still is) in the parking lot of a car repair place. Which means, if they couldn't get it to start, they should have had every tool available to do something about that, right?

I think we need to find a new mechanic.

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Unknown said...

Knowing that his car is still not working is really disappointing. And I agree with you, you’re very lucky that you have a second car. At least Tim will not think too much of his car. How is it by the way? If it’s still not working, maybe it’s time to look for another mechanic, just to have a second opinion.

Kayla @