Friday, January 3, 2014

Who's to Blame?

I can only blame myself.

Last week, I sat the kids down in front of the TV and exposed them to the lovely world of Bob and Doug McKenzie.

Yes, we watched Strange Brew.

And now, our conversations go like this:
Kid 1: "Hey, I need that!"
Kid 2:  "Take off, eh?"
Kid 3:  "Don't say that, you hoser!"
Kid 4:  "You hoser. Take off, you hoser!"
I told the kids that they can only use such bombastic Canadian slang (appropriately) in our house. I wonder if they'll listen. (And by the way, I did some research on Bob and Doug and their propensity for funny words, and many of them aren't actually spoken by true Canadians.) I probably should have expected as much.


Conversation between Aaron and me this morning:
Aaron: Can I have some breakfast, hoser?
Me: Not an appropriate use of the word.

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