Friday, January 10, 2014

Royal Family Transportation.

Yesterday afternoon, Melina came up to me in the kitchen. It was apparent from the look on her face that she had something serious to say.
Melina: Mom. In The Princess and the Popstar, the royal family got killed in a car crash. But I don't understand because royal people usually ride in a carriage.
Me: No they don't, Melina.
Melina: Yes, they do.
Zoe: No, Melina, they don't.
Well, considering it was her sister telling her something, Melina vacated the kitchen and went into the study area.
Melina: They don't?
Zoe: No. Royal people usually drive in a limo.
I found this so funny. So funny. And maybe it's just me. But there are so many times that we tell Melina that princesses and the Royal people (as they call them) are just like you and me (sometimes). There were so many things that I thought Zoe might say to her. And limo wasn't one of them.

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