Tuesday, January 7, 2014

I Met a Boy

Once, I met a boy.
A boy with laughing eyes
the color of green sea glass,
and sun-streaked hair
that he pulled on when his head hurt.
His roar was so fierce it shook the rafters when it came out,
surprising and delighting me,
making me laugh once again.
The boy intrigued me,
with his passion for sports, math, music,
and me.
Within a short time, he leaned in close, pulled me tight and whispered, 
I love you.
My heartbeat sped up, sweat pooled on my palms,
my brow furrowed.
Because I had not those words to return to him.
It's too soon, I replied.
And instead of walking away, the boy waited.
For me to do what was probably inevitable
but against which I fought.
He waited for me to figure out what I wanted,
for me to get past my walls,
for me to see him in the light of the day,
as he truly was.
To realize what I had and want to make it special.
He was confident that, with time,
I would crumble,
much like the other team's defense.
He was right.
Within a short time, I leaned in close, pulled him in tight and whispered,
I love you.
And now, he waits again.
For me to get past the fatigue,
for me to learn to balance everything life gives me,
for me to find my way back,
to put him on the priority list,
To realize what we have and make it special again.
Once, I met a boy.
Gosh I love that boy.

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Kelsey said...

Poetry! It's beautiful Chris. Well done.

You are so brave!